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What To Expect at the Sleep Disorders Center

Prior to your first visit to the Sleep Disorders Center you will have been seen by a PCCS Provider who specializes in Sleep Medicine.  This provider will take your medical and sleep history, symptoms, and complaints, from this information they will have decided what diagnostic tests are required.

Polysomnogram (PSG, Sleep Study) While you Sleep

In order to get the information needed, we will be applying electrodes to your head, face, chest and legs.  This is done with a wax paste and gauze, and EKG snap on electrodes.  All painless to the patient, if at any time during the application you feel uncomfortable or your skin is irritated please let your technician know and they will accommodate you.  If you have allergies to tapes please let your technician know and they will use alternative applications.
The electrodes placed around your airway and chest monitor your breathing.  The electrodes on your face and head collect brain waves.  Electrodes on your legs are gathering information on leg twitching and movement.  Electrodes placed on your chest to monitor EKG are looking at your heart.  All of these electrodes are collecting data that is essential to diagnosing a possible sleep disorder.

What is a Sleep Disorders Center?

The PCCS Sleep Disorders Center is a specialized medical facility staffed by physicians and other professionals experienced in diagnosing and treating sleep related disorders.  The Sleep Center blends the use of state-of-the-art techniques and equipment in a caring atmosphere that contributes to patient comfort and compliance.

Sleeping at the Sleep Center

The Sleep center has most of the comforts of homeā€¦.a private hotel type room equipped with cable television, queen sized bed, private bathroom and other comforts of home.  The staff is friendly and professional.  The technicians will thoroughly explain each of the testing procedures prior to electrode application.  You will be continuously monitored during the night via digital video and two way intercom so that the technician will only disturb you if an electrode becomes disconnected or upon your request.  Should you need help or to use the restroom call your technician and they can disconnect you and you're free to move about as you need to.