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We the physicians and staff at Pulmonary & Critical Services are committed to treating the total patient including physical and psychosocial needs. We believe that comprehensive medical care involves a partnership with the physician the patient and the staff. As the health care industry changes, we are committed to offering our patients the most current treatment options and services available and we have taken steps necessary to meet this challenge. We remain sensitive to our patients and respect their dignity and cultural preferences. We the physicians and staff at Pulmonary & Critical Care Services appreciate the opportunity to provide our patients and families with the most optimal care available because they remain cornerstones of what we do.



Pulmonary & Critical Care Services, was started in 1997 with three physicians and has grown to a staff of 16 physicians and 6 mid-level practitioners. We have two office locations in Albany and Troy.  




David H. Bruce, MD

Anthony J. Cagino, MD

Michael J. Dinkels, MD

Joseph Farooq, MD

Louis H. Gold, MD

Dennis A. Gort, MD  

Anwar M. Haque, MD

Zothanmawii Khiangte, MD 

John C. Mesch, MD

Michael A. Nakao, MD

David S. Palat, MD

Numan Tariq Rashid, MD

Joseph M. Seguel, MD

Harold M. Sokol, MD

David A. Strumpf, MD

Shobharani C. Sundaram, MD

Jenny Bronson, PA-C 

Mary A. Collins, PA-C

Meagan J. Goff, NP

Aimee L. Jones, PA-C       

Melissa E. Mitkoff, FNP, ACNP

Irina V. Montes, PA-C

Stephanie A. O'Leary, PA-C